About GK Ganesan

We craft solutions to complex issues

We craft solutions to complex issues

The process of finding the right solution for you requires a deep understanding of your business objectives.

How we solve problems depends on many factors. It may be the merger of numerous large business entities spread across the world. Or it may be the restructuring finance models whenever the economic climate changes. Or it may be cross border investment conflicts requiring specialised investment arbitration.


Our strengths

Our strengths are in international corporate drafting, financial restructuring, investment arbitration, and international commercial arbitration. We are familiar with ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC, LCIA, SIAC, KLRCA arbitral systems.

We also provide litigation services in upper-level corporate and appellate litigation work.

How we work – numbers are not everything

Our team has, over time, earned not only a strong reputation as arbitrators, arbitration counsel, commercial litigation specialists. We are known for our strategies and problem-solving technique.

GK Ganesan

We are in the business of constructing legal bridges

Bridges are force multipliers.
They attain the unattainable.
They connect people and business.
They create flow and energy.
This is what we do.
We constructing 'legal' bridges.
We connect your business to greater opportunities.

We craft effective solutions to complex issues