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The process of finding the right solution for you requires a deep understanding of your business objectives.

After analyzing your legal needs, we create a series of measures, or counter-measure.

We seek business-like options.

With your help, we then execute a pre-agreed plan.

We do not expect you to waste resources.

We place you in control.

Where situations change, we adopt a flexible approach.

Until you get what you want.

Our Area of Expertises

International Commercial Arbitration

Our team represents and advises clients with global reach in arbitration proceedings concerning a wide variety of commercial disputes in key jurisdictions around the world such as [ ]. Our arbitration practice has gained this position based on experience, strategic practice development, cross-office collaboration, effective advocacy and demonstrated results.
We have experience representing clients before all the major international arbitral institutions, including the [ ].

We represent clients in arbitrations involving all nature of international business disputes, including complex contract, distribution, manufacturing, sales, fraud, insurance and reinsurance, products liability, securities and construction and infrastructure disputes, as well as M&A disputes and intellectual property matters.

In addition to serving as lead trial counsel on international arbitrations, our lawyers also act, where appropriate, as advisors and liaison counsel for our clients in domestic arbitrations and court proceedings in foreign jurisdictions, in tandem with qualified co-counsel who are admitted locally in the jurisdiction of the law governing the dispute in question.

We frequently consult with, and provide transactional advice to, our clients on negotiating and structuring arbitration clauses and other dispute resolution provisions in their deal documentation.

  • International Chamber of Commerce International Court of Arbitration (ICC)
  • London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
  • American Arbitration Association (AAA)
  • Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)
  • Swiss Chamber’s Arbitration Institution (SCA)
  • Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC)
  • Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute (SCCAI)
  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
  • Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)
  • Chinese International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)
  • Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA)
  • Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA)
  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)
  • Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)
  • German Institution of Arbitration (DIS)
  • Japanese Commercial Arbitration Association (JCAA)
  • Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA)
  • Dubai International Centre (DIAC)
  • Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (Cairo Centre)
  • JAMS International

Legal Strategy and Solutions

Legal Strategy is many things.

For a start, it is to protect the client before an injury falls.
It also concerns the deployment of the law to enable the client to forge ahead of its
competitors, and to maintain that lead.

It is to look far ahead into the hurrying mists of time.

A successful business venture, if not carefully lashed together by legal compliance,
is liable to flounder in the gales of regulatory strictures: all the energy and resources
poured into it are lost in a moment.

A legal strategist builds a safe vessel, charts the course, watches over the client
throughout the voyage, deals with eventualities, and brings him to port.

That they don’t teach at law school: but every member of our team is a master of that
elusive art.

Appellate & Trial Work

At legal battles before local courts, tribunals and arbitral institutions, we create and execute a simple, lucid strategy, adopting flexible, effective tactics. The team has extensive experience at all levels of the Malaysian legal system and arbitral institutions. Our appellate advocacy experience is deep and unique. Drawing upon its wide range of experience, the GK Ganesan team has extensive experience in advocacy at all levels of Malaysian courts and with focus on appellate advocacy. Drawing on the team’s wide range of experience GK Ganesan provides crucial insight into strategies required for the highest level of court advocacy. We ensure that we put forward our client’s best case and explore every angle for success.

Company and Corporate Law

The law of companies is a maze. The laws get re-enacted, re-codified, or amended – all the time. The rules and regulatory controls are a web of complexity.Getting into any legal relationship with other companies, or with one’s own subsidiaries or sister companies, is fraught with all manner of difficulties. We have a strong team to advise clients on how to get into, and get out of, any kind of deal with other companies. We have a long track record of successful litigation in this area.

Our practice in corporate law is broad enough to ensure that each client is able to seek end to end advice on all their matters. We aim to be a one stop center for all legal matters arising from the formation of a company, mergers and takeovers, listings, corporate litigation, general advisory,

Corporate Law

In the ever shrinking global network of companies, cross-border commercial contracts are the norm. At GK Ganesan we ensure that your business and commercial needs are met while at the same time, your legal interests are well protected. We draw on our extensive international exposure to provide you with cross jurisdictional compliant advice

Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance law sees individuals and corporations contesting each other, or financial institutions, or their decisions. Ours is a niche practice in banking and finance. Being on the cutting edge of Banking and Finance practice ensures our clients receive the very best, and up-to-date advice for their cases. We represent individuals and companies. Mr. GK Ganesan is in fact an authority on the subject of bankruptcy. He authored the leading textbook in this area.d=0.1

International Investment Arbitration

The commercial world shrinks every single day. More and more international treaties are being signed between nation states, companies and government. These parties need talented counsel when faced with investment treaty disputes. Our firm’s global Investment Treaty Arbitration practice combines deep knowledge in international investment law and arbitration with world-class experience in emerging markets.

When you engage us, you leverage skilled lawyers who have successfully counselled clients under all the principal arbitration rules, ranging from ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC, SIAC, to KLRCA.

Develop your optimal approach alongside counsel responding to your unique needs. Whether your investment treaty arbitration involves media investments, energy projects or high technology, look to GK Ganesan for a team that will exceed your expectations.

Insolvency, Restructuring and Advice

When a company gets into financial difficulties it affects its creditors, business ventures, partners, licences, and the people in control of the company and its assets –before and after insolvency.  Our team has a strong track record and has assisted companies to get out of tight sports, fought-off financial challenges, continued to employ and put food on the table for employees, re-structured debts: in all,  worked out a solution acceptable to all.  That requires not only a thorough understanding of insolvency laws, but practical knowledge of how the financial community works.  We understand what the creditors will be willing to accept and what not.  In this way, we have helped moribund companies obtain a new lease of life.

As far as personal insolvency (‘bankruptcy’) is concerned, we have had a very strong track record. One of our colleagues is the author of a 1400-page legal practitioner’s book entitled ‘Bankruptcy Law in Malaysia & Singapore.’ It has been hailed favourably in written judgements of courts and has been the primary reference material.  We have assisted our clients withstand the onslaughts of creditors: and helped them get back on their feet.  We have many war stories to tell you.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) & Privately Financed Initiatives (PFI)

A Public-Private Partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a private business venture.

It is funded and operated by a partnership between government and private sector companies.
In the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) model, private companies which take on a government project, bear the burden of investment. The government may
undertake all or part of its own obligations under a ‘partnership in kind’, e.g. by the contributing land. In infrastructure projects, for example, the government may grant a capital subsidy.

Working on PPP and PFI projects requires a thorough understanding of your
business. It requires the right combination of legal skills with contractual
documentation, risk ascertainment and allocation, finance procurement, tax
analysis, and tax structuring.

Our team is well placed to do this.


Our law expertise

Our strengths are in international corporate drafting, financial restructuring, investment arbitration, and international commercial arbitration.  We are familiar with ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC, LCIA, SIAC, KLRCA arbitral systems.

We also provide litigation services in upper-level corporate and appellate litigation work.

When it comes to battle, your corporate objective is our only objective. In attack, one must be swift, and a win must be decisive.  In defence, one must drain one’s opponent’s options. In applying these principles in upper-level corporate and appellate litigation work, we are able to resolve your legal issues in almost all jurisdictions.


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